Lumbar strain is no fun…

Two weeks ago I ended up hurting my back somehow; fast forward to this past weekend and my pain got so much more worse. I ended up going to urgent care Saturday morning and found out that I have a pretty bad lumbar strain (great…) I ended up getting a shot and medicine to help with the pain and left to go and try to sleep since I barely could sleep at night because of the pain! By Sunday morning my pain was like three times worse then before… I couldn’t walk without crying, couldn’t sit or even lay down without crying. So I went back to urgent care Monday morning only to discover that not only do I have a strain but they found a shit ton of bacteria in my urine so now I have to deal with the strain pain and my uti infection. I had to miss two days at work to go to urgent care in the mornings to get my shots and check to make sure that the bacteria was getting less and less which it is and I’m so happy about it and my strain is slowly getting too. I am finally Able to walk without crying, I can finally get dressed without my husbands help… it’s crazy how much I took these things for granted! You really don’t realize how good you have it how precious life is until you discover such pain and are so helpless! I just want to take a quick second to thank my amazing husband who took such good care of me and did everything for me while I laid in bed crying my eyes out! I love you baby!!! ❤️

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