Blogmas Day 1: Introducing Blogmas!

I’m so excited to be doing Blogmas for the first time this year! Blogmas if you didn’t know is your write a blog post everyday usually related to Christmas from the 1st up until the 25th of December! Here is what my daily post will be on:

1. Introducing blogmas.

2. Things I look forward to in December.

3. Important person in my life.

4. 5 things I cannot live without daily.

5. Current book I’m reading.

6. Someone I miss dearly.

7. Earliest childhood memory.

8. Current favorite restaurant and my order.

9. Show that you never get tired of watching.

10. Your most proudest moment.

11. 5 current goals you’re working on.

12. My biggest pet peeves.

13. Favorite vacation so far.

14. Next vacation would be…

15. How me and my husband met.

16. If you won the lottery.

17. Your favorite quotes and sayings.

18. What you do on your spare time.

19. What I do to relax.

20. Where I want to be in 5 years.

21. Things you love about Christmas

22. Favorite Christmas movies.

23. Favorite Christmas songs.

24. Your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tradition.


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