Blogmas day 7: Earliest childhood memory…

When i think of my childhood, I always think of how fun, amazing, and “free” it was. I grew up in Armenia and moved to LA when I was 9 years old! When I was in Armenia, I remember always playing outside with my brother and our neighbors literally all day long. We never had to worry about being kidnapped or anything crazy like that; our parents would either be at work or at home cooking and cleaning.

I remember we would play hide and seek with all the neighborhood kids all the time, and I would last hours sometimes. I remember being outside playing in the snow; making snow Angels, snow mans, having snow ball fights. We had a tire swing and I would always swing in it and I remember one time falling down from it really hard… ouch!

Things are so different now a days, parents cannot leave their kids alone with more than a second, kids rather play on iPads or watch TV than spent every hour playing. I sometimes wish life was how it use to be…


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