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Blogmas Day 10: Proudest moment.

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After high school, I kinda knew I didn’t want to go to a university because I figured I want to open my own in home daycare one day and I don’t really need a degree for that. However, my mom pushed me to go to a university to study something….anything to just get a degree because you just never know! I struggled the first two years about what I wanted my major to be on. I went from child development to psychology to sociology then back to child development then psychology again, I was so confused and just didn’t know what to do anymore until finally I decided that I’m just going to make my major what I know best…Child Development! So in May of 2011 I got my Bachelors Degree in Child and Adolescent Development. That would have to be my proudest moment honestly because it just wasn’t easy. Some of the classes were so difficult and on top of being a full time student, I was also working full time and babysitting on the weekends. I hardly ever had a moment or day off to myself for a long long long time and when I finally graduated I felt so free and relieved that I had accomplished something major!


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