One Month of Intermittent Fasting…

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I started Intermittent fasting the evening of January 13th and it’s already been a month. I wanted to share how my first month of fasting went and what I have lost and learned.

My starting weight was 281.5 and today I am 278, which means I have lost 3.5 pounds in the last month. I also got off my birth control pill the same day I started fasting so I don’t know if maybe since my body is going through changes if its affecting the fasting too but we shall see. I am not planning on stopping fasting in a matter of fact I want to do this for as Long as I can. To be honest I’m also not so consistent with my hours. Theres days where I fast for 14 hours and days where I fast 16 and heck there’s days where I only last 12, 13 or 15 hours…it all depends. So maybe that’s why I’m also not losing as much weight as people tend to say they’re losing…who know.

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(I am using the app called LIFE to monitor my hours of fasting)

One thing I have noticed is how less bloated I am and “lighter” I feel though which is amazing. I do get super bloated when I eat something heavy now though. The one thing I don’t like about fasting if how constipated I get from it…its annoying! But other than that it’s been amazing! I just need to be more consistent with my hours and maybe try to eat less during my eating window.

I’ll update again soon.


4 thoughts on “One Month of Intermittent Fasting…”

  1. I am currently doing intermittent fasting as well. I was expecting all of these pounds to miraculously she’d but haven’t seen that either. I am going back to regular eating at the end of February. Please keep us posted on your progress.

    1. I haven’t lost as much as people say you’ll lose but then again I’m not doing 16 hours every day nor am I eating better! But I am losing at least a pound or sometimes more a week and I feel so much better, not as bloated which is great! Are you still doing it or did you give it up? Sorry for late reply..

    1. I did give up fasting for a few weeks due to being sick and a death in the family (Im an emotional eater) but then got back on track a week ago. I try not to skip fasting now because then I end up losing my motivation so the only thing I do that I guess is considered cheating is ending my fast early. Like today for example I ended up my fast at 13 Hours instead of fasting for 14 or more.

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