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Day 3: Skin Care Routine!

I have been so into skin care lately and I absolutely love it. I have been trying different products to see what works with my skin the best and so far I have found these products the best so far. I use a lot of origins products as you can see and no it is not sponsored…I wish! I just love their products so so much!!!

My morning routine:

  • I start off by rinsing my face with just some warm water then I clean my face using the Origins United state balancing tonic and a cotton pads. I love this product…it literally helps get rid of so much dirt in your skin that regular cleanser can’t get rid of.
  • I usually apple the murad essential c eye cream along with the origins mega bright eye cream almost every morning, if not both then just one of them for the day.
  • I then use the origins mega bright serum. I swear this products reduces my redness and the dark spots on my face so much.
  • Lastly I will use my once again origins a perfect world moisturizer for my entire face along with my neck.

My night time routine:

  • I start off by using my origins checks and balance face wash which I forgot to include in the photo (oops) but oh my goodness I am obsessed with this face wash it is by far my absolute favorite one. I have maybe purchased this one over 8 times already since I got introduced to it this past year; I even got my husband to use it too.
  • I then use my balancing Tonic toner to make sure I get all the dirt of my face.
  • I also use two eye creams almost every night which is the mega bright eye cream along with the Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream. I don’t think I will repurchase this one though once I’m done with it; I think I will just stick to my origins and my murad eye creams for morning and night.
  • At nights I will use two serums as well so I will start off with my mega bright serum then use my Estee Lauder Advanced night repair serum all over my face.
  • Lastly, I will use my origins plantscription night cream for my entire face.
  • Sometimes at nights I will even do an overnight mask using my origins intensive overnight hydrating mask… I love love love this mask!!!

I know these products are kinda pricey but I use to be someone who never took good care of her skin and when I did, I used cheap products that just made me break out so I decided to invest a little more in my skin care and I absolutely love it!!

I would love to know what your skin care routine is and what your favorite products are…

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