10 Random Facts About Me!

  1. I love reading romantic books.
  2. I love to dance.
  3. I hate the smell of cigarettes and weed.
  4. I want a tattoo but am too scared to get one.
  5. I rather stay home than go out any day.
  6. I love to do photography and hope to do it part time one day. Check out my photography instagram.
  7. I overthink about everything…literally! So bad!
  8. I hardly ever drink alcohol.
  9. I am allergic to shellfish.
  10. I was almost kidnapped and they almost drove over me as I tried to run away.

1 thought on “10 Random Facts About Me!”

  1. I like to read romantic books too. I was when I was younger someone tried to abduct me too from my garden. Thank you for sharing these facts! It’s great everything was okay and you were safe x

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