Let's Be Kind…

The past few weeks have been so insane for every single person in this world! It is such a scary and stressful time right now with the coronavirus Covid 19 going around and affecting so many people. A lot of states/countries are on lock down right now; I know my city Los Angeles is at a safer at home right now meaning unless you’re an essential worker you can’t go to work or you work from home. I’m a nanny and I’m considered essential currently and my boss’s company is considered essential right now too and so I go to work and back home for the most part. The kids and I do go for walks around the neighborhood but other than that we are always at home either doing online school or playing games. Maybe I can post a blog post of things to do with kids during this time while everyone is at home with their kids. I really hope everyone is doing ok and being safe; but mostly importantly I hope everyone is being kind to others. I am so disappointed with some humans right now who are not thinking of others mainly the elderly and are taking everything off the shelves at the stores and not leaving any for the elderly. I’ve heard so many stories of older people crying because they can’t find the essential things…it absolutely breaks my heart. But I know now stores are opening their stores an hour or two early just for elderly and those who are pregnant and/or have disability and that makes me so so happy! I really hope this virus calms down soon and we can all go back to our daily routines.

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