PCOS sucks!

I wanted to take a second and just talk a little about myself and who I am especially since this is my personal blog after all and I realized I never really wrote a blog about it.

My name is Suzie, I am a Leo and 34 years old. Married to my best friend for the past 7 years. I am obsessed with coffee and tea; Disneyland, romance books and movies, Christmas, and my dog Daisy!

I took this weekend off from working out mainly because I have been dealing with horrible horrible anxiety attacks and nausea…let me explain! I have PCOS and because we have been trying for a baby the past few years, I no longer am on birth control. Getting off the birth control was the worst and best thing that has happened to me – for one it gave my body the rest it needed and for my body to detox of all that crap. However, I did gain over 50 lbs within less than a year of getting off the birth control…insane I know and very depressing as well. Which I do deal with depression and have anxiety/panic attacks too. The past year in a half I feel like my period has gotten somewhat normal – by normal I mean I get it usually anywhere from 20 days to 45 days. However, with getting it naturally comes a lot of side effects, anxiety, nausea and feeling deadly tired being some of it. I have not had a period now in over 60 days and I noticed that anytime I take longer to get it, the more intense my symptoms and side effects are. So I spent the whole weekend dealing with anxiety, nausea, boob pain, and extreme tiredness, so I rested… I was not about to force myself to workout. I did however still fast for 14 hours both days which is great.

Happy Sunday night!


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