February is my New Year!

I don’t know about you but I love starting a brand new year with new goals for myself and the year ahead, however this year I felt so unmotivated the first week of January and so extremely lazy if im being honest- not like me usually on the first week of January so I said it’s fine I’ll start the following week – again that was crap but than I got crazy sick with such a horrible head cold that I couldn’t even get out of bed. Yes I did test for Covid and it came back negative so I thought hey haven’t been sick in 2 years so of course I have to get a horrible cold. After a week I started feeling about 80% better. The other 20 – oh boy took 2 more weeks to finally go away and on top of that my energy level was at a all time low. Like I had to rest after doing something for 10 mins – it was madness! This week given it’s only Tuesday but this week is the first week that I am feeling like my normal self again – woohoo!

Therefore I decided that February is my new year! I set some goals for myself – obviously one of them being for me to lose weigh! I challenged myself in December but failed after a week ugh typical of me but hey at least I keep trying right? One of these years I will lose weight once and for all! Until then I keep trying and if I fail than I pick myself back up again! I use to give myself such a hard time for failing but I am learning that failing is part of life and how we react to it is more important and I am choosing to pick up self up and try again rather than kick myself and gain weight even more with emotional eating!

Cheers to a new month – let’s do this!


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