After 2 years, I got Covid!

So much for February being my new fresh start, to be fair, it was the first week then I got hit with Covid. A lot of people in my family also tested positive. However, they are all now negative, I am however still positive a week later. I have had some symptoms. The first 24 hours though were the hardest now its just feels like a bad head cold which is what I had last month but that cold was more severe. And I did test for covid last month while sick and was negative. I have not worked out since I tested positive and I probably will start slowly back up again. I have heard that it does take a few weeks for your energy to fully come back after having covid so we shall see if that is true or not but for now my energy is low. On top of having covid, I got my period way earlier than I was suppose too, again I heard covid messes with your period cycle for the next month or so.

Some of the symptoms that I have had are:

  • Headaches (lasted 24 hours)
  • Fever (only lasted a few hours)
  • Major body aches (lasted about 3 days)
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • stuffy nose (which I still have)
  • cough (started coughing a day ago)
  • Fatigue (the whole time)
  • Lightheaded and dizzy randomly
  • My taste buds have enhanced meaning I taste every artificial crap in food….yuck!
  • I have been craving more tea, my body is kinda refusing coffee which sucks because I love coffee. But I drink at least half a cup every morning just so I don’t get those horrible headaches.


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