Post covid symptoms!

I wanted to take a second to talk about my post covid symptoms. Its been over a month now that I got test positive for covid and I listed my symptoms is my last posts. I finally tested negative after 11 days of getting my first positive covid test. I have had a lot of random post voiced symptoms and I wanted to share some here today:

  • Fatigue – oh boy for weeks I was exhausted – I think slowly but surely I am getting my normal energy back (I also have been taking a ton of supplements to help with that) but I have heard that it can take a few weeks, a few months or even a year for post covid symptoms (or long covid as they call it) to finally go away.
  • Brain fog – it isn’t too too bad for me but I’ll have random moments where I cannot remember for the life of me what happened yesterday…kinda scary!
  • My taste buds have enhanced. I experienced this while having covid and I still have it. I can taste every artificial crap that in some certain things….yuck!
  • Period pains – I usually always have horrible pains and cramps but this time around its so much more worse.
  • I’m a lot more moodier, I get frustrated and irritated faster.
  • Body aches still – mainly my feet. ugh
  • Heartburn – this one was big for about 2 weeks. I couldn’t stand eating anything because everything would give me such a bad heartburn. Sometimes I would just skip meals just to avoid heartburn.
  • Dizzyness/lightheaded – randomly.
  • Anxiety – my anxiety has been a lot more worse.

I would love to hear how some of you have felt if you got covid and after covid symptoms.


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