Turning bad habits into good habits – Week 1!

I use to be so good about setting good healthy habits for myself and sticking to them. However, in the past few years, my habits have gone down the drain pretty much. I have created, without intention, unhealthy bad habits. For 2023 I want to change those horrible habits and turn them into good habits. I have tried changing all the bad habits all at once and honestly it was such a fail. I would do good for like a few days then miss a day or so and never get back onto it again. I would again try all over again and fail miserably once again. I think from now on, I will work on turning 3 bad habits into 3 good habits the first week, then from then on, I will add 1 other habit every week. I feel like maybe this will really help me not be so overwhelmed and end up failing. 

The first three bad habits that I am going to work on starting today are:

  1. Taking my vitamins/supplements! Some days I am so good and others I am horrible at it. I do have to say that the past week in a half I have been on it with taking all my vitamins and supplements daily and I hope to continue. Well no not hope, I will be making sure that I take it on the daily because I just feel so much better when I do take it daily, and notice a big difference in my mood and my energy when I do skip even a day. 
  2. Drinking water, I am so bad and maybe only drink less than 30 oz most days. I want to aim at 50oz daily for this week. You’re probably thinking only 50oz??? Especially since technically I should be drinking half of my body weight in oz. I have tried again to force myself to drink a gallon or more a day. But I just couldn’t, even half a gallon is too much for me. I figured I can start with 50 oz and then slowly add 10/20 oz or more every week. Again I am hoping by doing this, I will be more successful and not fail after a day or so. 
  3. Getting steps in! Most days if I’m being honest, I get maybe 3k steps in and it’s so bad. I want to aim at getting 5,500 steps at least 5 times a week for this first week.

I will share what habit I will be adding on next week. For now I will be working on those 3 main habits this week. 

What are some habits you are currently working on or want to start working on?


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