Our Christmas Traditions!

Merry Christmas Eve. Is it me, or does it feel like we just celebrated Christmas just a few weeks ago? This year went by so fast. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and I just love everything about it. I love being able to spoil my loved ones (mainly the kids) with presents and so much love. I feel like in my family, we mainly concentrate on getting presents for the kids, rather than the adults. My husband and I for example, don’t really buy each other presents anymore, only because when we want something, we tend to get it either for ourselves, or we will buy it for each other at that moment. We prefer to gift each other through out the year.

For Christmas Eve, we always spend it at my in laws house. My husband is Salvadorian and they celebrate Christmas Eve. My side of the family (I’m Armenian) we get together Christmas Morning and spend it together, having the kids open presents, etc. I tend to make homemade cinnamon rolls almost every Christmas so we have something special to eat while we drink coffee/tea or even hot chocolate. We spend the rest of the day together as a family.

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and I would love to take the time to thank you for reading my blog post, liking it, and commenting. It truly means a lot to me. So thank you! I would love to know what your traditions are for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.



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