Building Good Habits week 2 update!

This past week was crazy busy. I believe I have mentioned on here that I am a nanny. This past week, the kids were out of school so I had them full time. Being a nanny is exhausted if I am being honest. Sometimes, it’s emotionally exhausting, sometimes it’s physically exhausted, sometimes it’s mentally exhausting and of course sometimes it’s just all three. Last week felt like one of those all three type of exhaustion weeks, on top of that I had a lot of car issues, between my car battery dying to my transmission oil leaking to my car almost catching on fire. Oh and it was Christmas weekend. Let’s just say I am so glad that week is done and over with. Have I been good about my habits? Not as much as I would have liked no. The stress and tiredness was too much and honestly, worrying about the habits was the last thing I thought about if I am being honest; which my blog is all about my life journey and me being honest about it, or else I’m just lying to myself and that is not good.

  • Supplements/Vitamins – I think this is the one habit I have stuck to. I have made sure to take my greens and my vitamins and supplements everyday, except for yesterday.
  • Water intake – well let’s just say I have been feeling very dehydrated today. I have been barely drinking water… I know so bad!
  • Working out – I only worked out once this week…we are just going to leave it at that.
  • Getting my steps in – this one was a major fail. Tuesday was the only day that I went past my weekly step goal of 6k. The others were all under 6k steps for sure. As you can see in the picture below. Sunday I did not wear my Apple Watch but again, barely walked or did anything for Christmas Day.

I am on vacation this week, have a lot of stuff to do, and I know I’m not going to worry about my steps, or working out. I think I am going to just pause this until Monday January 2nd; I am then going to do a 50 day habit challenge. I will post what the challenge is, etc in a new post this week. I will still be taking my supplements etc, and if I can work out, of course I will but for now we will start fresh next week.


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