2023 Goals!

2022 was such a tough year for me, from my depression to my pcos symptoms being out of control to me being the heaviest I have ever been and my marriage almost ending. I feel like I gave up on life, ok if I’m being honest, I did give up on life, I didn’t bother most of the year with taking care of myself, I did try here and there but then my depression would hit hard and I was back down again. I want to make 2023 my year, I want to take better care of my mind, my body, my emotional being, and just me in general. Usually for my new year goals it’s always to lose weight and I always always failed after a few weeks; this year is all about being and living a healthy lifestyle. I want to create habits that I do daily that are good for me, I want to get healthier and to feel good in my own body for me,  myself and I. 

My word for 2023 is WELLNESS.

Here are my goals for 2023 and I’ll explain some of them at the end of why they are on my list:


  • Gratitude journaling.
  • Daily affirmations.
  • Meditating at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Being kinder to myself.
  • Cleaning/decluttering more.
  • Less worrying about what people think.
  • Read at least one book a month.


  • Workout at least 4 times a week.
  • Drink more water.
  • Take vitamins/suppplements daily.
  • Get. more steps in.
  • Practice yoga/pilates.
  • Cook more t home.
  • Get my PCOS under control.


  • Spend less/save more.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Work on blog all year long.
  • Be more active on social media.

My why:


Due to my pcos, I deal with depression and anxiety, I would love to not only do my gratitude journal including affirmations, but I would also like to get into journaling to get my thoughts written down and help me not keep everything in which is what I usually do. I have heard meditation helps a lot so on the days that I don’t work out, I want to practice meditation. 

I can be my worst enemy and say/think the absolutely worst things about myself, my body etc. I want to change that and be more kinder to myself. I need to learn to love myself and my body and being so negative about myself isn’t going to help. Which also goes into not caring what people think, I am such a people pleaser and care so much about peoples thoughts and opinions and I need to just work on not caring about it, after all it is my life and not theirs. 

Fun fact about me, I absolutely love to watch cleaning videos, but I don’t like to clean, once in a blue moon I will get into a cleaning mood and deep clean, but I would like to somehow incorporate cleaning more into my life. I would love for it to eventually be like a therapy for me when I am stressed or sad, rather than stuffing my face with junk and/or hiding out in bed until I feel better.

Lastly, I love to read books and this year I have been barely reading so I would love to read at least one book a month, either a non fiction or fiction book is fine with me. 


As I said earlier, this year was such a tough year for my health and body. My weight is at the highest it has ever been, and I need to prioritize my health. I use to always do these crazy challenges like 75 hard, and always failed, why? Because It was too much for my body to be working out like crazy everyday. I was putting so much stress on my body. I did create a challenge for myself that I start on January 2nd and my goal is to workout 4 times a week rather than everyday. 

I am so bad when it comes to drink water. I would love to eventually drink a gallon or more a day but for now, we are starting slow and I’ll be adding more on a weekly basis. Same goes with my steps. There are days that I get less than 3,000 steps in. I would love to do 10k steps or more at least 5 times a day but for now I’ll be slowly adding on 250-500 a week or so. My goal is start off by taking 5,500 steps for the first week, then slowly adding on every week.  

I would love to get into yoga/pilates this year. Yoga i have done maybe less than 5 times in my life and pilates I have never tried but would love to get into it.

With my depression being so bad, a lot of times my husband and I would just go get food rather than cook at home and I want 2023 to be the opposite. I would love to have more home cooked food.


With me cooking more at home, it will help us save more. I also love to shop and I want to cut that down a lot too and only buy things I really really need. I used a lot of my credit cards this year and I would love to pay them off hopefully fully by the end of the 2023 and be smarter about paying off each credit card monthly after that. 

Sometimes I will start a blog and work on a few months then I give up and close my blog down. I want to be able to keep this one for good. Same with my social media account, I would love to be more active on there, gain more followers and maybe even make some income out of it as well as my blog.

I would love to know what your goals are for 2023! 


2 thoughts on “2023 Goals!

  1. Suz, I’ve been there where I even lost the will to live. The thing that helped me the most was group therapy, and there are tons of free self-help groups such as Recovery, Inc., Al-Anon, and ones offered via your local NAMI. It’s been almost 30 years since that time, and I can tell you with the right help and support, you can make it to the other side! (I have a therapist and a psychiatrist for anxiety and clinical depression. I have other chronic pain issues so I know it’s not easy, but you can thrive!)

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