Day 2 of 60 Day Challenge.

I am so exhausted today. These past few days have been a social party. We have had people over at our house and we have gone to other peoples houses for New Year celebration, I would stay up till way past midnight cleaning up, etc and would finally fall asleep around 2. I also struggle with sleeping and when I don’t sleep good, I end up so sick; also when I am overly tired, I again have such a hard time sleeping. I was hoping to wake up today around 7:30am to get my morning routine done without rushing before I had to leave my house at 9:20 for work; but I could not for the life of me get up, so I didn’t get out of bed till 8:30. I probably will sleep in tomorrow morning since I have the morning off and mainly because the other two days I have to wake up around 530 am for work.

I was able to do read a chapter in the Bible before I left for work, along with doing half of my gratitude journal; I finished the other half at work.

Some days, I am on my feet so much for work (nanny) and today was one of those days, I was able to get a lot of my steps in and then also walked for a few minutes while my nanny girls had a class. I am now ending my day with 8520 steps. I didn’t do much of a workout besides for those few minutes of walking, but my body is just aching and I want to sleep, so instead of a workout today, I am going to do a meditation before I go to sleep. I am hoping that will help me sleep good tonight.

I took my supplements/vitamins along with read my book for 15 minutes. My water intake was 60oz today, so 5 oz more than yesterday – woohoo.

The only thing that I didn’t fully complete is my 15 minutes of dedication towards my blog, but that is ok. obviously I am writing this post now so that counts as something but I will work on it more tomorrow when I have the morning off.

Overall, very proud of day 2!



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