Day 3 of 60 day Challenge!

I gave my body the rest it desperately needed since New years eve. Like I mentioned in my last post, its been a very busy few days and I wasn’t sleeping enough or as good, so my body was aching last night. I think I actually fell asleep around 11pm and didn’t wake up till 9:30am. I did wake up a few times randomly like I do most night, but I also woke up feeling much more refreshed and not as tired! I didn’t check off my number 1 task which was to wake up by 9am but that is ok.

I had the morning off, therefore was able to get a lot of my stuff done prior to going to work in the afternoon. I did my “me” time, I read a chapter in the Bible, I did my gratitude journal along with my digital planner. I took all my supplements and vitamins and even read my book.

For exercise, I did a 25 minute dance workout on YouTube. I had to change some of the moves and make it a little easier on me and my body but that’s ok, we all need to start somewhere right? The dancing really made me thirsty, I literally drank almost 30 oz of water just from that exercise. Speaking of water, my intake was between 60 to 70 oz (woohoo.)

I ended my day with 7004 steps! Woohoo!

I really enjoyed doing the meditation before bed on day 2, I decided to do it again and it really helps calm me down for bed.

Woohoo for checking all the tasks off for Day 3!



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