Day 4 & 5 of 60 Day Challenge!

Day 4 and 5 were so crazy busy, I didn’t even have time or the energy to post a daily update for them individually.

  • Task 1: Wake up by 9am: Both day is woke up at 5:30am because I had to be at work super early.
  • Task 2: “Me” time – gratitude journal, read chapter in Bible, etc
    • Day 4, I was able to complete my me time in the morning before work.
    • Day 5, I completed half before work and half in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Task 3: Supplements/vitamins: I was very on top of this!
  • Task 4: Exercise. I actually took both days off only because the days were so busy and I was exhausted but I had completed all of my steps for those two days,
    • Day 4 I ended the day with 7,555 steps.
    • Day 5 I ended the day with 6,465 steps.
  • Task 5: Read for 10 minutes, I read for day 4 but not for day 5.
  • Task 6: Drink more water:
    • Day 4 I drank half a gallon of water.
    • Day 5 I drank only 50 oz of water.
  • Task 7: 15 minutes on blog/socials: I did not complete.
  • Task 8: Tracking progress: I did not complete.

I thought I would be upset/disappointed with myself for not fully completing the tasks but I am not. Like I said, I knew I wouldn’t complete all the tasks all the time and that was ok. I know my body needed rest when I got home from work both days, and I did just that. I will continue my workout and everything else this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Day 4 & 5 of 60 Day Challenge!

  1. It is so good for me to Hear/see you say it’s ok that I didn’t complete all my tasks- I can be extreme. Perfectionistic- or too gentle lol. I love your examples!


  2. Being kind to yourself is so important. Any challenges you are faced with, just remember the next day is a new day. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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