21 days into my 60 day challenge!

Yesterday was my 21st day of my 60 day challenge and end up of week 3 officially. I was so excited to do this challenge at the beginning, and I am still excited don’t get me wrong. However, some days especially this last week, I kept dreading having to do some of my tasks. I completed every single task Monday to Friday. Weekends? That is another story all together. I did not complete a few of my tasks over the weekend and they are:

  • Waking up early – I slept in both days.
  • Reading a book – I did not read at all.
  • Spend time on my blog/socials/podcast – I spent time on social media scrolling but I didn’t do anything that would benefit my blog or my podcast so I did not cross off that task.
  • Exercising – I had saved my last exercise to do on the weekend and I did not. I only completed 3 workouts out of the 4 this week.
  • Water – I drank water but it wasn’t enough to get to my goal.

Other than those tasks, I was able to complete the rest with no issues. Those tasks that I did complete every single day were:

  • Reading a chapter in the Bible.
  • Writing in my gratitude journal.
  • Drinking my greens & fat burner.
  • Taking my vitamins and supplements.
  • Getting all my steps in.
  • Meditating.

As for my weight, I have lost 5 pounds since starting on January 2nd and 1.3% down on body fat! I know 5 pounds isn’t a lot for 3 weeks but it’s good enough for me, given the fact that is it harder for me to lose weight due to pcos. So I consider this a win for me!

I hope to do better this coming weekend, as the weekends are where I struggle the most.

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