Week 4 of 60 day challenge!

It is now the end of week 4 of my 60 day challenge. We are almost half way done – woohoo. I kinda wish I had made it a 30 day challenge instead, because I would have loved to do another challenge for the month of February with different tasks. That is ok, we will do a new challenge when I am done with this one on March 2nd I believe is my 60th day. I am actually very proud of myself this week, because I completely every task of the challenge except for two, which was waking up early on Saturday and finishing my water intake goal for Saturday as well. I’m mainly proud because usually weekends is when I don’t fully complete my tasks and I did this weekend (well except for two tasks) but that’s better than missing more than 4 tasks over the weekend. I did not lose any weight this week, in fact I did gain 2 pounds when I weighed myself this morning, however, I did feel extra bloated mainly because I had ice cream last night and well my stomach hates dairy, but I ate it and I have been paying for it today for sure with a stomach ache. It’s weird because my body can handle cheese but actual milk and ice cream…I suffer for a day or two. One of these days I will learn my lesson and try a non-dairy ice cream. I am excited to see how I do this week. I definitely want to up my water intake this week – we shall see how that goes.


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