Week 5 of 60 day challenge!

Last week I completed the 5th week of the 60 day challenge. It was days 29 to 35 for me. Last week, my babies that I nanny for were sick, so Wednesday night I felt like I was coming down with something as well, so I let myself sleep in Thursday, Friday and Saturday fully. Unfortunately Friday I did wake up sick. But I still managed to complete all of my other tasks last week. I have been trying to drink more water. My Goal in January was to start by drinking 50 oz of water during this challenge and for February I decided I wanted to up it to half a gallon, so an extra 16oz of water. For some of you that may not be that much but for me it is a lot and I am hoping by slowly doing this, I will eventually get to the point where I can drink a gallon of water daily with no issues. I’m curious to see how this week goes with my challenge and my habits because I am currently dealing with a heavy cold and that is why this post is a day late and why I am keeping this post so short so I can go shower and rest up.

My weight loss from last week to this week is 1.2 pounds and in January I lost a total of 3 pounds. I am kind of disappointed that it’s not a lot, however, I know I haven’t had a period in over 144 days now and that kinda makes it harder for me. So 3 pounds I consider a win. I am hoping this month will be a little more. Fingers crossed. If you have PCOS and you also deal with your period not showing up for so many many days, is there anything you do that helps you get your cycle sooner? I know for me, anytime I shocked my body and exercised A TON for a few days, I would get it. I’m talking about I would do 75 hard for a few days just to get my period. I think as soon as I am better I may try to do over an hour to hour in a half of workouts for a few days straight and see if that helps. I just hate to do that though because it puts a lot of stress of my body but it has worked before. I’ll try it as soon as I’m better and see what happens.


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