Challenge Update & Finally getting a period!

Just like that I only have 15 days left of this challenge. This past week in a half has been the hardest, mainly because I got a really heavy cold. I didn’t do a lot of my habits last week due to being sick, and this week, well I FINALLY got my period after not having it for over 152 days – thank you PCOS! Today is my first actual day of my period but with me (not sure if its because of PCOS) but I tend to spot/very lightly bleed for at least 3 days along with all the cramps and pain before I get hit with my period. When I don’t get my period for so long, my pain is on a whole other level. There’s been times that I had to call out of work because I just couldn’t get out of bed. Because it has been over 152 days of no period, when I first started spotting, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t put my body in any type of stress because I desperately wanted my period to start, so I took it easy. It’s Thursday and I have only done 1 workout this week, and that is ok. I’ll try to fit in a workout later today but I also still have the weekend.

As for last week, the habits I actually did only complete were reading my bible, writing in my gratitude journal, taking my vitamins and meditating. Every other habit I did here and there, I even only worked out twice and that is ok. Sometimes our bodies are going to need time to just rest and not do anything, which is perfectly ok to do. That is why I am doing this challenge. Any other challenges, I would have failed due to the fact that if you missed a task, you had to start all over from day 1, and honestly that is not creating a healthy lifestyle in my opinion.

I did finish my first audiobook of the. year which I started to listen to about 2 weeks ago. Living in Los Angeles, we are known to have a ton of traffic. Listening to an audiobook has been helping a lot for me while driving and I was about to finish the audiobook in less than a week pretty much. The audiobook I was listening to was “Girl, wash your face” By Rachel Hollis. I had read that book when it first came out but for some reason, I am about to take away more when it comes to non fiction books if I am listening to it rather than reading it. I am not listening to her other book called “Girl, stop apologizing” I just started it yesterday and I can’t wait to finish it.


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