Tips for when you’re sick!

Working with kids, you would think my immune system would be amazing after all these years! Nope, it is still bad sadly. Two weeks ago, my nanny babes were sick with a cold and unfortunately I also caught it. I wanted to share a few things that I do to help me fight off the cold. I stopped taking normal cold medicines about a year or so ago when I realized, it was just making me even more sick and it would take me so much more longer to heal. The past few times I have been sick, I have been doing a lot of home remedies along with taking a homeopathic medicine.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Stay hydrated! Drink a ton of water, orange juice, pineapple juice, warm water with honey and lemon, you can even add tea to it, or my favorite medicine ball tea from Starbucks (which I make it at home most of the time.)
  • Ginger shots. I get the wellness shot and the elderberry shot from Pressed. I take them daily as soon as I feel myself getting sick. I usually am about to tolerate the wellness shot, however if I’m getting sick or already sick, it burns a lot. Remember to take it like a shot, don’t do small sips. I let it usually burn my throat for a few minutes before I take the elderberry shot that is sweet.
  • Green juice! Along with everything that I mentioned above, I also like to drink my greens a ton more when I am sick. I will take as much vitamins as I possible can.
  • Speaking of vitamins! I up my vitamin c, zinc and vitamin D more so when I am around anyone who is sick or if I feel like I am getting sick.
  • Rest! Resting is so important when you are feeling under the weather. Your body needs all the rest it can possibly get.
  • Medicine! If your body reacts well with medicine, then take it. Mine does not, so I take the ColdCalm homeopathic medicine, I just put two tablets under my tongue and it will melt away on its own. It doesn’t have a great taste but nor is it horrible. I take it once a day or sometimes will do every 6 hours depending on how bad I feel. I will take Tylenol though when I do have a sinus headache or ibuprofen if I have body aches.
  • Humidifier! I like to have the humidifier running all night long and during the day if I am home.
  • Getting fresh air! I don’t know about you, but if I am sick and I call out of work and stay home, I don’t tend to leave my room. The past few times I have forced myself to go sit out in the sun for at least a few minutes to breath in some fresh air, and ob boy does that help a lot!
  • Shower! I love standing under hot water when I am sick using one of the Vicks vapo rub shower tablets.

Do you have anything that you do specifically that I didn’t mention above when you’re sick?


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