February Recap & March Goals!

I think I wrote down too many goals for the month of February, I honestly did not reach a lot of the goals I was hoping for, and that is ok. I now know to maybe just work on 2 to 4 goals at a time. My goals for February were:

  • Drink more water
  • Meditate
  • Increase my steps
  • Strength train
  • Read/listen to audiobook
  • Journal
  • Blog more
  • Intermittent fast
  • Lose weight
  • Take vitamins/suppllments
  • Be consistent.

Let’s just say the only goals I really worked on in February were listening to an audiobook/reading and taking my vitamins/supplements. Every other goal I had for myself for February only probably got half done. I ended up getting so sick the 2nd week of February then finally got my period the 3rd week which was SOOO painful, so I took it very easy for almost 2 weeks because of those reasons.

For March I really want to focus on just 3 things:

  1. Drinking more water – I have been waking up with really bad headaches lately and sometime during the day too. I think it’s from not getting enough water as I should. I know we are suppose to be drinking half of our weight in oz and well I’m only getting about half a gallon if that a day. I drink a lot of coffee which I know dehydrates me more so I need to up my water in take more.
  2. Workout – I had joined a challenge on step bet to reach my steps on a weekly basis. What I realized was that I would only workout just to meet my step bet goals. I did not do any strength training, yoga, cycling or anything else that I would like to do. My plan for this month is to change that.
  3. Morning Routine – I have loved my morning routine since I started my challenge and I want to continue it. In my morning routine, I make sure to take my vitamins/supplements, read a chapter in the Bible, write in my gratitude journal and a new thing I have been doing is trying to eat something before I have my cup of coffee or two or three haha.

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