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March goal updates & Blogging everyday for a week!

Every December, I get so motivated to start blogging all over again, and I have a bad habit of creating a new blog, new domain, new everything…why? I have no idea but I have been like this for the past I want to stay 4 or 5 years. Well last year, I told myself I was not allowed to start fresh anymore. I put time and effort into my blogs, get readers, spend time replying to everyones comments, making connections and for what? To start new all over again? It’s crazy, so I have been sticking to this blog for over a year now. Have I posted every week? Nope. Usually around this time, I lose my motivation to blog and will typically stop blogging for months on end. I don’t want to do that.

In the past I have done blogging challenges that were 30 days or so, and I felt like it was too much to write every single day and would get burned out. I think me trying it for a week is a great way to start and motivate myself to write again.

For todays blog, I want to talk about how my March goals are going so far. If you haven’t read my March goal blog post, you can read it here. Pretty much I had only set 3 goals for myself for the month of March: Drink more water, exercise, and continue with my morning routine.

As for my water intake, I am struggling. I’m not sure why I have such a hard time drinking water. Most days I’ll get in 40 to 60 oz, other days I’ll get in more, and other days I will get in as little as 20 oz of water. It is so bad and I can’t seem to get this horrible habit knocked down.

I have been doing good with exercising, I have been mainly focusing on my steps thanks to Stepbet. If you didn’t know you can join step bet group challenges to bet money to reach your goals everyday, and if you win you can get your money back and more. Every step bet group I have joined I have always ended up making at least $4 to $15 dollars more per group depending on how many people fail on their challenge. It just pushes me to reach my step goals.

My morning routine I have been doing great in. My morning routine consists of reading a chapter in the Bible, writing in my gratitude journal, drinking my fat burner and greens on empty stomach and eating something before I drink my coffee. I had seen a TikTok video that talked about how drinking coffee on empty stomach is bad for you on so many levels, I have been trying really hard to eat something even if its something small before I drink my coffee. Am I perfect at it? No. I have days that I don’t eat something, but for the most part I really try to.


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