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75 questions to get to know me.

For today’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to google, get to know me blog tag questions and answer them. I found this 100 question one but changed it to only 75 questions.

  1. Are you a morning or night person? Night but I really want to become a morning person.
  2. Are you afraid of the dark? Yes but when it comes to sleeping, I have to have the room pitch black.
  3. Are you an extrovert or introvert? Introvert 100%
  4. Are you double jointed? I dont think so
  5. Are you left or right handed? Right handed
  6. Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one? A little bit of both. I would love to become a tidy person 100% though
  7. Are you on time or always late? Depending on what it is, but I want to say its 50/50
  8. Are you ticklish? Oh my gosh…yes!
  9. Can you curl your tongue? Yes
  10. Can you ice skate? No – I wish
  11. Can you wiggle your ears? Nope
  12. Coffee or tea? Coffee but I also love tea.
  13. Cookies, cake or donuts? Cake
  14. Did you ever participate in a talent show? I think so, maybe in middle school? I cannot remember though.
  15. Did you go to prom? Yes
  16. Did you like school? I did, I loved it.
  17. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
  18. Do you bite your nails? No…thankfully never got into that bad habit.
  19. Do you consider yourself a good cook? I do
  20. Do you enjoy dancing? I love to dance
  21. Do you enjoy DIY or crafts? Sometimes, depends on my mood.
  22. Do you forgive easily? Nope
  23. Do you have a nickname? Yes plenty actually
  24. Do you have any allergies? Shrimp…shellfish in general
  25. Do you have any phobias? I probably do but I never googled the actual names or anything.
  26. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? I have my ears pierced but hardly ever wear earrings, no tattoo but maybe one day I’ll get a butterfly tattoo in honor of my sweet grandma who is no longer with us.
  27. Do you have children? Unfortunately I do not, I deal with infertility.
  28. Do you have pets? yes my sweet girl maltipoo named Daisy
  29. Do you have siblings? Yes I have an older brother and a younger brother.
  30. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs
  31. Do you prefer Mac or PC? Mac all the way
  32. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Again it all depends, I love to go to the beach but I think I would prefer to live by the mountains.
  33. Do you prefer to bath or shower? Bath for relaxation.
  34. Do you sing in the shower? Yes
  35. Do you smoke? No I do not. I hate the smell of it.
  36. Do you speak any different languages? Yes I speak Armenian
  37. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Yup
  38. Do you still watch cartoons? I am a nanny so yes with the kids.
  39. Do you/have you played any sports? I use to play volleyball in hight school.
  40. Does your name have a special meaning? Not that I know of, I was named after a popular singer that my grandma loved.
  41. Have you ever been hospitalized? Nope.
  42. Have you ever been on a diet? I tried keto for like 2 days ha I just try to eat better. The word diet alone makes me fail.
  43. Have you ever been to a concert? yes
  44. Have you ever gone camping? Nope – anytime my family went, I stayed behind. Don’t like the idea of it.
  45. Have you ever met any celebrities? yes. Working at a preschool I use to get a lot of celebrity kids.
  46. Have you ever skipped class? I skipped college classes but never middle or hight school.
  47. Have you ever won something? Probably, just can’t remember what it was.
  48. Have you had braces? No
  49. How are you feeling right now? Good actually.
  50. How tall are you? 5’5
  51. If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday? I would buy myself either a new car or a house.
  52. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Costa Rica
  53. Were you ever a scout or a brownie? No
  54. What city were you born in? Yerevan, Armenia
  55. What did you last eat? Made egg, cheese and bacon sandwich for me and the hubby.
  56. What did you want to be when you were younger? A teacher.
  57. What do you do on a typical Friday night? Either my husband and I will have a date night or we stay home.
  58. What is one food that you refuse to eat? Shellfish haha
  59. What is one item on your bucket list? To go to Hawaii.
  60. What is one item you can’t live without? My contacts or glasses lol
  61. What is your shoe size? 10.5/11 – I have big feet
  62. What movie have you watched repeatedly? No movie but tv shows – Gilmore girls, friends, Reba
  63. What phone do you have (Apple or Android)? iPhone 13 Pro Max
  64. What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this year? To get healthier and get my PCOS under control.
  65. What’s one of your pet peeves? When people chew with their mouth open…like why?
  66. What’s the last song you’ve listened to? I am listening to my Armenian playlist right now.
  67. What’s the most expensive item of clothing that you own? Fabletics? I dont like to buy expensive clothing.
  68. What’s the thing you can’t leave the house without? My phone.
  69. What’s your best physical feature? My eyes
  70. What’s your Chinese sign? Rabbit
  71. What’s your current obsession? My coffee with my collagen in it…yum!
  72. What’s your favourite animal? Pandas and elephants
  73. What’s your favourite book? Anything by Rachel Hollis
  74. What’s your favourite colour? Lavender and baby blue
  75. What’s your favourite season? Fall and Spring

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