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3 Habits I am Crushing!

If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll know I talked about 3 habits that I am struggling with. For today’s post, I wanted to talk about 3 habits that I am crushing. If I’m being honest, I never had habits that I stuck too, I just went with the flow all my life and I wish I was taught better about habits as a child and teenager. I started looking into habits and trying to make good habit choices about 3 years ago; however this past November/December is when I really forced myself to be better about creating good healthy habits for myself.

Here are the 3 habits that I have gotten so good at and do every single day.

  1. Vitamins/supplements – having PCOS my body doesn’t do what a normal body should do. I rely a lot of my supplements and vitamins. I notice a difference in my energy level and my mood when I take them vs when I don’t. I just started taking them everyday back in November/December, prior to that like I said just with the flow. I would take it randomly here or there and would question myself why I felt good somedays and like crap other days. Now I make sure I take them every single day. I think since I started being strict with myself and this habit, I probably only skipped maybe one or two days that I haven’t taken them. I’ll make a blog post about the supplements and vitamins I take daily.
  2. Gratitude journal – I was my own worst enemy as I have mentioned before, still am but I have gotten a bit better. I decided to just write down things im grateful for and affirmations to help me. In all honesty, it has helped a bit. Has it made a huge difference in my life? No not yet but I’m sure the more I work on it, the more it will help me. It just helps to be more positive and be thankful for things in my life.
  3. Reading a chapter in the Bible. As a Christian, I don’t think I have ever fully read the Bible. Well I am changing that , I started reading a chapter in the Bible every day since last year. I want to grow my relationship with God and this is the first step.

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