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Books I have been loving!

I absolutely love to read or listen to books. I have been on a Rachel Hollis book kick this year. I have listened to 3 of her books so far this year and finished it all. I am obsessed!

Rachel Hollis Girl wash your face book

Life is crazy and so complicated and we can sometimes feel like we are the only once who don’t have our life together. Well that’s not true and that’s what Rachel talks about in this book. She examines 20 lies that we tell ourselves on what is holding us back in life. I love how real and honest she really is.

Rachel Hollis Girl stop apologizing Book

Sometimes ok a lot of the times, we don’t do what we want to do because we are afraid of what people will say. Rachel gives advice on how to let go of those excuses, acquire skills and behaviors to adopt.

Rachel Hollis Didn’t see that coming Book

We all go through hard times, whether it’s the death of a loved, loss of a job, divorce, whatever it may be it can really affect you and your life in so many ways. In this book, Rachel talks about how we can continue to live with it all without it letting the tragedy of whatever that happened define us.

I am currently listening to Let that Sh*t Go by Nina Prewar – I am only on chapter 1 but so far loving it!

I cannot give my thoughts on this yet since I just started, however according to the publisher description, it is described as “Learn to put your life in perspective, take each day one step at a time and steal moments of calm amid the chaos.


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