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Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

Last week I decided to start to re-establish my habits in the next 5.5 weeks, well it’s been a week and I kinda wish I had just started today instead but that is ok. The reason why is because last week I was still not feeling good, I was very tired and still coughing a ton. I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I was last week, at first I thought maybe it was Covid, because last time I had covid, I was exhausted but it wasn’t covid thankfully. I then thought ok maybe its me finally getting my period after not having it for over 75 days, which I usually go a few days so tired before getting my period, but still no luck in getting my period, so I really cannot figure out what was up with me and my fatigue last week. I was also feeling very bloated and just so disgusted with myself. If you only heard the crap I would tell/call myself. I was my own big horrible bully. There were so many times last week, I just wanted to cry because of how mean I was to myself. Of course who wants to work out or do anything that benefits them when they are feeling so down and crappy about themselves. So I just let myself go last week and didn’t do any habits except for two which were to take my vitamins and read the Bible. I definitely consider last week a fail.

It’s a new week, a new month and today is the first day that I actually woke up feeling good and I’m so excited to just jump right into all my habits. I’m excited to work out, haven’t worked out in probably 3 weeks. I already have done almost all of my habits for today (Drinking my greens and fat burner, taking my vitamins/supplements, eating something before drinking my coffee, reading a chapter in the Bible, and writing in my gratitude journal) and it’s not even noon. I only need to exercise and get my water intake it and I am done for today. I did decide that I will not continue with intermittent fasting. Mainly because when I take my night time supplements, I tend to get very bad heartburn if I take it on empty stomach and I tend to take these supplements before bed and I hate to start fast that late. The other reason is that I tend to eat more when I am fasting because I know I’m going to fast and not have a snack time later, so I just made the decision to just not fast.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

  1. Congratulations on making the moves to reestablish habits! It is so important to get back to a sequence. Hopefully you will continue to feel well, wishing you the best!



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