• 10 Affirmations I have been using.

    I have been trying really hard to write in my gratitude journal every morning. There is a section in my journal for affirmations. I never did affirmations before in my life, until last year. Lately I find myself writing almost the same affirmations daily and I think it’s because when I would write different affirmations……

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  • 75 questions to get to know me.

    For today’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to google, get to know me blog tag questions and answer them. I found this 100 question one but changed it to only 75 questions.

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  • March goal updates & Blogging everyday for a week!

    Every December, I get so motivated to start blogging all over again, and I have a bad habit of creating a new blog, new domain, new everything…why? I have no idea but I have been like this for the past I want to stay 4 or 5 years. Well last year, I told myself I……

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  • 60 day challenge completed!

    Thursday March 2nd was day 60 of my 60 day challenge. I am proud of myself for somewhat creating this challenge and sticking to it. There were days of course that I didn’t complete each task, but that is ok. I think for the month of March I am just going to focus on my……

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  • February Recap & March Goals!

    I think I wrote down too many goals for the month of February, I honestly did not reach a lot of the goals I was hoping for, and that is ok. I now know to maybe just work on 2 to 4 goals at a time. My goals for February were: Let’s just say the……

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  • Tips for when you’re sick!

    Working with kids, you would think my immune system would be amazing after all these years! Nope, it is still bad sadly. Two weeks ago, my nanny babes were sick with a cold and unfortunately I also caught it. I wanted to share a few things that I do to help me fight off the cold.……

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