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We all dream about maybe one day winning the lottery don’t we? I know I cannot be the only one… I always try to picture what my life would be like if I actually won the lottery and what I would do with all that money. Well here is what I would do.

  1. I would quit my job.
  2. I would pay off my mom’s house and all her debt.
  3. I would give my mom very good amount of money so that way she doesn’t have to work or worry/stress about money ever again.
  4. I would pay off my mother’s in laws house, debt and give her a good amount of money as well.
  5. I would purchase mine and my husband dream house.
  6. I would pay off all of our debts that we have.
  7. I would take a month long vacation.
  8. I would donate to a few charities of mine and my husbands choice.
  9. I would adopt a few babies.
  10. I would use that money to open a few business to offer jobs to those who didn’t have employment.

What would you do???

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