My current favorite restaurant is Kopan Ramen. Funny thing is that I use to not like ramen at all, and I felt so bad because my husband loved it and I didn’t. Well one day we were out and about running errands and we found Kopan and I decided to give it another try and this was a few months ago and oh my goodness, the ramen there was so good. Needless to say I am now hooked and crave it a little way too much! 

I usually order a ramen bowl with mild sauce (I end up adding a little more spicy sauce when I get the ramen) and as far as the sides go I usually only order three things which are grated garlic, spinach and corn! I don’t get any protein or anything like that with my ramen. This has been my order since from day one we tried this place and I have never changed it! 

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