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Winter Hair Care Routine.

Growing up I have always had very oily hair and I hated it. I had to wash my hair every other day or else it just looked so disgusting. I have had different types of shampoos and conditioners to try and clean my hair so good to the point where I can go at least… Continue reading Winter Hair Care Routine.

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Winter Skin Care Routine.

I am so excited to share that I am now working with Monat which is naturally based, anti aging, vegan and cruelty free hair care that is clinically proven to promote hair growth. We also sell skin care along with wellness products too. I have insanely oily hair and Monat has saved me and I… Continue reading Winter Skin Care Routine.


5 things I am looking forward to.

I think December is definitely one of my favorite months for so many reasons especially this year more so. It has been a rough year as we all know and I think we can all use some holiday cheer up. I have made a life change and will be home for the next few months… Continue reading 5 things I am looking forward to.


Introducing Blogmas 2020

It is hard to believe that it is already December 1st! I feel like this year just went down the drain literally! For most of the part we were all either stuck at work working or actually going to work. I also know a lot people have lost their jobs, their homes and their loved… Continue reading Introducing Blogmas 2020


Day 19: Material Items…

I'm sure we all have something that we can not live without day to day basis; for this blog post I wanted to write 5 things I cannot live without and this specifically is material items...not people! My phone!My face moisturizer. My contacts or glasses. My car!My Coffee! What are a few things you cannot… Continue reading Day 19: Material Items…

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Day 18: Childhood

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday and it was such an amazing time in my life! I remember just always being outside playing with the neighborhood kids from morning till night literally. My mom would just call us in to eat and go to school pretty much! We lived in Armenia back then… Continue reading Day 18: Childhood

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Day 13 & 17: Habits

First and for most, boy I missed a few days and I'm kinda upset with myself but its been a crazy busy week so it's ok...we can't all be perfect at these challenges I guess. I'm going to skip the ones I missed except for dat 13 since that one kinda goes with todays. Day… Continue reading Day 13 & 17: Habits

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Day 12: What makes me feel better.

This blog post is perfect for today, I woke up feeling so depressed and so sad about myself and just life itself. I literally started crying while driving to work this just was such a sad day. When I have these days, I love to just stay in bed, watch videos, movies, and read… Continue reading Day 12: What makes me feel better.


Day 11: Youtube Channels.

For todays blog post I wanted to share a few YouTube channels that I am obsessed with and if you like them and/or have recommendations to similar channels...comment down below and I will check them out! Alisha Marie and her vlog channel.Remi Ashten and her vlog channel.Ashley Nichole and her vlog channel. Honestly there's a… Continue reading Day 11: Youtube Channels.

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Day 10: Difficult time…

I have been sitting here in front of my laptop for the past 20 minutes trying to get the courage to write this blog post and if you saw my instagram then you saw me saying how much I didn't want to write this post, if you don't follow me on instagram you totally should… Continue reading Day 10: Difficult time…