5 books on my nightstand.


I love to read and most of the time I either read on my phone through iBook, iPad or I’ll read an actual book. I always like to keep a few books on my nightstand to read if I just don’t want to use my phone or iPad. Here are 5 books that I like to have on my nightstand, 5 of them I have not read fully, and 1 I have fully read (Strong looks better Naked by Khloe Kardashian) which I wrote about in yesterday’s blog post but love to keep it near my bed incase I want to reread it again for motivation.

  1. The recipe box by Viola Shipman
  2. You are a badass by Jen Sincero
  3. Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis
  4. Kind is the new classy by Candace Cameron Bure
  5. The subtle art of not giving a fuck! by Mark Manson 
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A book that has inspired me…


A while back I was kinda obsessed with Khloe Kardashian and got her book “Strong looks better naked,” and loved it. It inspired and motivated me to work out, work on my health, my body and to just put myself first. I remember I was on my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey for a good few months after reading that book and then I fell off the wagon. Since then I haven’t really picked up the book again, or maybe I did once after that but only read a few chapters only. I think I will pick it up again and reread it to see if it will again give me that motivation that inspiration to get myself back on track since I have been so off since this whole coronavirus started.

What is one book that has inspired you???

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Current book I’m reading.


If you know me personally, then you know I’m a sucker for romance books, but for some reason I decided that I want to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I first heard about it from one of my favorite shows Gilmore Girls, on the Year in the life. I got curious about it and decided to get it and read it knowing I probably won’t be into it and will lose interest early on. Shockingly, I actually really liked it, I give her so much prop for doing what she did. I don’t think, no wait I know for sure that I can never in life hike for 3 months straight all alone and with no experience what so ever to find myself. I have thought about from time to time when I’m having a hard time figuring life out, how I would love to escape myself for a week or so to think about life and figure out what I want to do, what I want to achieve, but I always pictured myself just going out of the city, or state, and going to a hotel or resort of some sort, never ever have I imagined myself hiking all alone on the pacific crest trail. I am almost done with the book, and I want to watch the movie version too. Have you read the book? What are your thoughts?

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Blogmas Day 5: Current Book I’m Reading…

I love reading books, most of the time I’m usually reading them on my phone through iBooks, or kindle app; however there’s nothing better than reading an actual book. I am currently reading Khole Kardashians book “strong looks better naked”

I first read this book I believe when it first came out and it honestly gave me so much motivation to work out and change my life that I thought I should start reading it again for more motivation since let’s be honest, I’m lacking it right now to work out and lose weight.

What is the book you’re currently reading???