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So much for re-establishing my habits…

If you read my blog post "Re-establishing habits in 5.5 weeks" you would know that I had fallen out of all my good habits that I had created for myself due to being so sick for a few weeks and life in general. I wanted to get back into and re-establish all of those good… Continue reading So much for re-establishing my habits…

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Re-Establishing Habits in 5.5 weeks!

In March, I had decided that I was going to start a 30 day challenge for the month of April, but then never ended up going through with it, mainly because well I got lazy. So I decided to just continue on with my habits and to do a challenge for May. Well life had… Continue reading Re-Establishing Habits in 5.5 weeks!

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21 days into my 60 day challenge!

Yesterday was my 21st day of my 60 day challenge and end up of week 3 officially. I was so excited to do this challenge at the beginning, and I am still excited don't get me wrong. However, some days especially this last week, I kept dreading having to do some of my tasks. I… Continue reading 21 days into my 60 day challenge!

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Habits to develop in 2023!

Everyday, we get a new chance to turn our bad habits into good habits! Looking back 2022 was a year of bad habits for me- mainly caused by my depression, my laziness and my amazing ability to procrastinate big time. In 2023 I want to be able to change all my horrible habits into great… Continue reading Habits to develop in 2023!