My 3 healthy habits.

I have been training myself and my body to slowly incorporate healthy habits into my everyday life. It isn't always easy as I forget or get busy sometimes but I really do try for the most part. I wanted to share 3 healthy habits that I'm working on currently and 3 that I would love… Continue reading My 3 healthy habits.

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Six Healthy Habits to Start Today!

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle! January is now here and it’s the perfect time to start incorporating healthy habits into our daily routine. I didn’t fully start my healthy journey till tomorrow (Monday) mainly because I was still on vacation and didn’t have to go back to work yet and used that… Continue reading Six Healthy Habits to Start Today!

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Eating habits…

I am currently babysitting and just put the boys down for the night and all I want to do is go grab a snack to munch on. Im not hungry actually I just want to eat because well it's such a habit of mine. For years I would snack and eat just randomly, I would… Continue reading Eating habits…