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Finally went to the Doctor…

About three weeks ago, I did something that I have been wanting to do for so long but kept putting it off for fear of what the results would be. I finally went to the doctor to get blood work done to see if I do or do not have PCOS, which I kept thinking I did because I had all the symptoms for it practically. I did the blood work and sure enough I was officially diagnosed with PCOS, which I was not at all surprised about it; what I was surprised about was the fact that I was also diagnosed with super early stages of pre diabetes and cholesterol. My doctor and I decided that it’s best for me to go on a diet or better yet change my lifestyle to try and get rid of my pre diabetes and cholesterol and hopefully my PCOS too. So now instead of taking medicine to help control it all, I will be changing my eating habits and exercising which exercising I have been good about this year….been doing some sort of cardio every day and strength training at least 2 to 3 times a week. I think my eating habits is what is going to be the hardest thing for me to change but I know I can do it… I have to do it so I can get rid of these craziness and lose weight and hopefully get pregnant naturally instead of doing infertility treatments; which I’m open to doing if I’m still not pregnant by the end of this year because that would have then been 2 years of trying without success. I would love to connect with others who are struggling with the same thing.

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Day 13 & 17: Habits

First and for most, boy I missed a few days and I’m kinda upset with myself but its been a crazy busy week so it’s ok…we can’t all be perfect at these challenges I guess. I’m going to skip the ones I missed except for dat 13 since that one kinda goes with todays. Day 13 was a bad habit of mine that I wish I didn’t have and todays is 3 healthy habits that I am working on.

Let’s start off with the bad one; I think we all have one bad habit that we wish we can change but it can be hard to do so. A habit of mine that I would love to get rid of is the fact that I overthink about everything and it’s always in a negative way. I absolutely hate it; it destroys me and causes me so much anxiety. I really need to find a way to change it… anyone else who overthinks and is so negative? Were you able to find a solution on how to help you overcome this habit? Please let me know.

The 3 healthy habits that I am currently working on, well I have stopped but I need to get back on it were:

  • Drinking a lot more water!!!
  • Exercising on a weekly basis.
  • Doing intermittent fasting.

I was so good about introducing these 3 habits into my everyday life for a while then I kinda just stopped since we got back from our Costa Rica trip. I have gained pretty much all the weight that I lost this year back in a few months…its awful so I need to get myself back onto it!

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Eating habits…


I am currently babysitting and just put the boys down for the night and all I want to do is go grab a snack to munch on. Im not hungry actually I just want to eat because well it’s such a habit of mine. For years I would snack and eat just randomly, I would hardly ever let myself get hungry. I would binge eat for the hell of it, I would eat when I was emotional, stressed, etc. I had no control of it, actually I still have a hard time. But thankfully due to the intermittent fasting, at least I control it a little bit. I started fasting at 7:30pm tonight (a little over an hour ago) and I’m not hungry at all but all I want to do is go grab something to eat while I watch movies or read a book; but instead I decided to just drink water and sit here and blog. I really want to break this horrible habit of mine… any tips to help me besides for keeping myself busy and fasting???



Lumbar strain is no fun…

Two weeks ago I ended up hurting my back somehow; fast forward to this past weekend and my pain got so much more worse. I ended up going to urgent care Saturday morning and found out that I have a pretty bad lumbar strain (great…) I ended up getting a shot and medicine to help with the pain and left to go and try to sleep since I barely could sleep at night because of the pain! By Sunday morning my pain was like three times worse then before… I couldn’t walk without crying, couldn’t sit or even lay down without crying. So I went back to urgent care Monday morning only to discover that not only do I have a strain but they found a shit ton of bacteria in my urine so now I have to deal with the strain pain and my uti infection. I had to miss two days at work to go to urgent care in the mornings to get my shots and check to make sure that the bacteria was getting less and less which it is and I’m so happy about it and my strain is slowly getting too. I am finally Able to walk without crying, I can finally get dressed without my husbands help… it’s crazy how much I took these things for granted! You really don’t realize how good you have it how precious life is until you discover such pain and are so helpless! I just want to take a quick second to thank my amazing husband who took such good care of me and did everything for me while I laid in bed crying my eyes out! I love you baby!!! ❤️