How to unwind after a long day.


We all have those days where we are feeling so overwhelmed, stressed and just tired after a long day at work or even just at home. Especially right now, I know so many people who are stressed, and just having such a hard time with everything going on; so I wanted to share a few things that you can do at home to unwind and a few things that we can do to unwind once life goes back to “normal.”

At home:

  • Take a bath: I know not everyone loves to take a bath and if you don’t then take a nice long hot shower. Bath especially with a bath bomb, or epson salt helps me relax so much.
  • Have a glass of wine: I’m not big on drinking alcohol but I do love to have a glass of wine here and there to relax me at nights.
  • Disconnect from technology and read a book. We use our technology’s so much and it’s good to disconnect from them especially after a long day and just cuddle up on the couch or our bed and read a book.
  • Have a hot cup of tea. I love to have a hot cup of tea preferably a mint or chamomile tea while reading my book.
  • Watch a movie: I love to relax and watch a show, movie or even YouTube, especially something with comedy… laughter is the best medicine after all!
  • Bake: I don’t know about me but for me baking is so relaxing, I love to bake, and if you do too, try it!
  • Go for a walk: exercise will surely help put you in a better mood.

Outside of the house (once everything goes back to normal)

  • Gym: go exercise at the gym!
  • Gym spa: go to the steam room, or even the jacuzzi at your gym and relax!
  • Massage: get a massage…nothing more relaxing than a massage right?
  • Girls night: nothing like a little girls night out to help you relieve some of the day stress.

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day?

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Difficult time in my life…


A difficult time in my life would now and for the past year to year in a half. Last January I decided to get off my birth control to try again to see if maybe this time around I can get pregnant. I had tried for over a year a few years ago and decided to take a break and get back on my birth control pills to try and regulate my period since I hadn’t had it in over a year. Since last January I have been successful at getting a period every other month or so but still haven’t gotten pregnant. It’s so heartbreaking when all I want is a baby. I finally went and got checked and found out I do in fact have PCOS. I know if I lose weight it might be easier for me to get pregnant (MAYBE) and I get that motivation to lose weight but then again stop after a while…I suck at sticking to something…its so bad! Right now I know everyone is having such a hard time with everything going on regarding COVID-19 and I feel like my depression and my anxiety has gotten so extremely bad during this time and because I keep gaining more weight because I’m such a stress eater it just makes it worse. I have been thinking about maybe seeing a therapist like doing online therapy to help me cope with everything and when life gets back to somewhat “normal” finish going back to the drs for more testing to figure out if there’s something else that is causing me not to get pregnant. 

Infertility sucks, so does depression!


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10 Facts about me…

IMG_3866 2

  1. I love to read romance books.
  2. I would rather shop for books, kitchen gadgets than clothing.
  3. I’m 5’5.
  4. I wanted to be a teacher growing up.
  5. I’m a Leo but have been told I don’t act like one.
  6. I care too much.
  7. I love watching morning routines on YouTube.
  8. I have become obsessed with tiktok the past few weeks.
  9. I’m not a big on drinking alcohol.
  10. I always start a challenge but never finish it (Lets hope I do this time around)

Pausing my 100 day challenge…

I have decided that I am just going to pause my 100 day fasting challenge for now. It’s such a stressful time right now and with me being extra extra busy at work I don’t get a chance to eat as I should do when I finally come home, I find myself stuffing my face with a ton of food and stuff before I start my fast for the night. I have been getting a ton of headaches too so not sure if it’s because I’m eating very little then a lot within an hour window that’s causing this or no. But for now while we are all dealing with this stressful stressful times and everything that’s going on in the world I will just stop and then continue when I feel ready and not so stressed.

Curious, how are you guys dealing with all this and trying to still lose or maintain your weight? Are you exercising? Dieting?

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Checking in…


I just wanted to take a few seconds to just write a blog post and check in on everyone. I know it has been such a stressful and scary time for so many of us and just wanted to see how you are really doing? I am here if anyone needs someone to talk too, really feel free to message me on instagram, twitter or even email me.

How are you doing? How has this affected?


Let's Be Kind…

The past few weeks have been so insane for every single person in this world! It is such a scary and stressful time right now with the coronavirus Covid 19 going around and affecting so many people. A lot of states/countries are on lock down right now; I know my city Los Angeles is at a safer at home right now meaning unless you’re an essential worker you can’t go to work or you work from home. I’m a nanny and I’m considered essential currently and my boss’s company is considered essential right now too and so I go to work and back home for the most part. The kids and I do go for walks around the neighborhood but other than that we are always at home either doing online school or playing games. Maybe I can post a blog post of things to do with kids during this time while everyone is at home with their kids. I really hope everyone is doing ok and being safe; but mostly importantly I hope everyone is being kind to others. I am so disappointed with some humans right now who are not thinking of others mainly the elderly and are taking everything off the shelves at the stores and not leaving any for the elderly. I’ve heard so many stories of older people crying because they can’t find the essential things…it absolutely breaks my heart. But I know now stores are opening their stores an hour or two early just for elderly and those who are pregnant and/or have disability and that makes me so so happy! I really hope this virus calms down soon and we can all go back to our daily routines.


10 Random Facts About Me!

  1. I love reading romantic books.
  2. I love to dance.
  3. I hate the smell of cigarettes and weed.
  4. I want a tattoo but am too scared to get one.
  5. I rather stay home than go out any day.
  6. I love to do photography and hope to do it part time one day. Check out my photography instagram.
  7. I overthink about everything…literally! So bad!
  8. I hardly ever drink alcohol.
  9. I am allergic to shellfish.
  10. I was almost kidnapped and they almost drove over me as I tried to run away.

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Day 18: Childhood

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday and it was such an amazing time in my life! I remember just always being outside playing with the neighborhood kids from morning till night literally. My mom would just call us in to eat and go to school pretty much! We lived in Armenia back then and we would just play outside with no parent supervision what so ever… it was so safe back then! My favorite was playing when it was snowing! We would make snow angels, snow mans, and have snow ball fights!

I feel like a lot of kids don’t get such a great childhood in this generation due to all the technology… I’m so glad that we didn’t have all that when I was a kid!

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Day 12: What makes me feel better.

This blog post is perfect for today, I woke up feeling so depressed and so sad about myself and just life itself. I literally started crying while driving to work this morning…it just was such a sad day. When I have these days, I love to just stay in bed, watch videos, movies, and read some books. I love my husband and I love to talk to him but sometimes I just like to be left alone…I feel like that makes me feel better then if I was with anyone else…does that make sense? I like to just let myself cry if I want too and usually a book will distract me to the point where I just instantly feel better. Today I had to work and couldn’t just call in to stay home just because I was feeling depressed even though yes I know everyone needs a mental day off I just didn’t feel like I needed that so much today. I went about my day, was sad a lot but working with the kids, I have to just put my feelings aside and concentrate on them so I was so busy I didn’t have as much time to think until I left work and drove home to get in bed and eat away my feelings. I’m such a stress and emotional eater its so bad but sometimes that helps too.

I wish I could say I do yoga, or mediate to relieve some of the sadness and emotions I feel but I really don’t do any of those.

What are some ways you guys lift your moods???