First and for most, boy I missed a few days and I’m kinda upset with myself but its been a crazy busy week so it’s ok…we can’t all be perfect at these challenges I guess. I’m going to skip the ones I missed except for dat 13 since that one kinda goes with todays. Day 13 was a bad habit of mine that I wish I didn’t have and todays is 3 healthy habits that I am working on.

Let’s start off with the bad one; I think we all have one bad habit that we wish we can change but it can be hard to do so. A habit of mine that I would love to get rid of is the fact that I overthink about everything and it’s always in a negative way. I absolutely hate it; it destroys me and causes me so much anxiety. I really need to find a way to change it… anyone else who overthinks and is so negative? Were you able to find a solution on how to help you overcome this habit? Please let me know.

The 3 healthy habits that I am currently working on, well I have stopped but I need to get back on it were:

  • Drinking a lot more water!!!
  • Exercising on a weekly basis.
  • Doing intermittent fasting.

I was so good about introducing these 3 habits into my everyday life for a while then I kinda just stopped since we got back from our Costa Rica trip. I have gained pretty much all the weight that I lost this year back in a few months…its awful so I need to get myself back onto it!

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