I absolutely love to travel, and experience different places, especially with my husband. We sometimes randomly will decided to leave for the weekend and will either drive to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Diego or even to Las Vegas sometimes. But my favorite place that we have ever been too is Costa Rica. We first went there in September of 2017 then decided to go back again but to a different area in Costa Rica in September of 2019.

Our first trip there, we ended up staying at Riu Guanacaste which is all inclusive resort. We really enjoyed our stay there but our favorite place was by far Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica which was also an all inclusive resort. It was over an hour drive to get there from the airport but it was so worth it. It is kinda hidden so that was so nice. This last time that we went, there was barely people there so it was nice to have the pool pretty empty and all to our selves pretty much minus like 10 other people at that time. We like to travel when it is off season so it’s not so crowded.

Here is a combination of both of our Costa Rica trips! Also my husband and I use to have our own photography instagram and you’ll see our logo on there, that instagram has now been changed to my own personal photography page if you want to follow, its suziebeephotos.


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