When you are feeling down…


We all have those days where we are feeling very down, sad and just depressed. I have been having them a lot more recently the past few years and I still struggle with how to really get out of it; however, I always have a few things that I like to do to improve my mood.

  • Spend some time alone.
  • Spend time with family and/or friends.
  • Read a book.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Exercise
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Take a nice long bath.
  • Take a nap.
  • Write down your feelings.
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Day 12: What makes me feel better.

This blog post is perfect for today, I woke up feeling so depressed and so sad about myself and just life itself. I literally started crying while driving to work this morning…it just was such a sad day. When I have these days, I love to just stay in bed, watch videos, movies, and read some books. I love my husband and I love to talk to him but sometimes I just like to be left alone…I feel like that makes me feel better then if I was with anyone else…does that make sense? I like to just let myself cry if I want too and usually a book will distract me to the point where I just instantly feel better. Today I had to work and couldn’t just call in to stay home just because I was feeling depressed even though yes I know everyone needs a mental day off I just didn’t feel like I needed that so much today. I went about my day, was sad a lot but working with the kids, I have to just put my feelings aside and concentrate on them so I was so busy I didn’t have as much time to think until I left work and drove home to get in bed and eat away my feelings. I’m such a stress and emotional eater its so bad but sometimes that helps too.

I wish I could say I do yoga, or mediate to relieve some of the sadness and emotions I feel but I really don’t do any of those.

What are some ways you guys lift your moods???