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Meaning behind my blog name…

I had a hard time coming up with a blog name, no matter what I came up with just didn’t sound catchy or good enough. I finally came up with one but then completely changed it to what it is now…Thoughts with Suz. And it’s exactly what it is, it’s my thoughts…obviously my blog is about my life blog along with lifestyle so it just made sense to name it that and I really like it! I blog about my struggles with my weight, about infertility, I share recipes, talk about life, my obsession with coffee, tea, and Disneyland and now my puppy! I hope you can follow me along this journey! 


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Day 2: 10 Facts about Me!

  1. I am obsessed with Disneyland – hence the photo of me in Disneyland!
  2. I have to have tea or coffee every single day – sometimes even both!
  3. I love to dance…I took dance classes when I was younger in Armenia.
  4. I want to be a stay at home mom one day.
  5. I am too afraid to get a tattoo even though I wouldn’t mind a small one maybe.
  6. My favorite numbers are 3 and 7.
  7. I am such a home body…I rather be home then go out.
  8. I love to take photos of others and places.
  9. I overthink everything and I hate it!
  10. I sometimes forget how old I am haha!

And just like that the weekend is over…

How is it that it’s already 10 pm on Sunday? I feel like the weekend just flies by in a blink of an eye. This weekend didn’t go as we had planned, and by we I mean my husband and I! We had planned on going to Disneyland yesterday to have an adult day and to take our camera to take pictures of all of the Halloween decorations! What do I mean by adult day? Well I go to Disneyland a lot with the little babe that I nanny so it’s part of my job; however we do all kids stuff so sometimes I just like going with my husband to go on the bigger rides and just enjoy Disneyland with my husband! Well yesterday, it was going to take us forever to get there due to traffic (we are about 50 minutes away) and for some reason yesterday every freeway was beyond packed so we said screw it and went and watched the predator! I’m usually not into this type of movies (I’m all girlie when it comes to movies) but my husband is so I went with him to watch it…it actually wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be or as scary even. There was a few parts in the movie where I had to look away because of how disgusting some scenes were to me, but other than that I enjoyed it and so did hubby!

Then today we had to go to a kids birthday party then came home took a nap and ended up doing adult things like washing the car, shopping for the week and doing laundry! I must say I’m quite proud of myself… I usually never ever meal or snack plan but I’m trying to be better about eating my veggies because well I suck at it so I got cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes, washed and cut up the cucumbers and put them all together in individual bags for the week – woohoo! I’m excited and very proud of myself and hopefully I can keep up and turn it into a whole week meal prep type of thing eventually!

Now time to go finish up my mint green tea from Trader Joe’s which is so yummy and head to bed for work tomorrow!

I would love to hear about your weekend… comment down below 😊