Someone I miss dearly…

IMG_6188I think now more than ever, we are missing so many people; I know I miss so many in my life that I cannot see or visit right now. However, the person that I absolutely miss the most is my sweet angel grandma who sadly passed away. My grandma passed away last year and the last time I saw her in person was in September of 2015 before she moved back to Armenia. This sweet grandma of mine was the one I was the closest too, the one who I am so similar too, the one with the biggest heart ever. I miss her so so much.


5 Blessings in my life…


My blog post that I upload yesterday was a fairly sad one, so I today I wanted to share 5 things that I am blessed with.

  1. My husband – he’s my everything and I cannot imagine life without him.
  2. My family – this whole safe at home situation has brought us all so much more closer and I’m forever thankful for it.
  3. My baby girl Daisy – we recently got a toy maltipoo puppy less than 2 weeks ago named Daisy and I am so obsessed with her and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.
  4. My health – yes I have some health and hormone issues but I feel blessed that it is not much worse.
  5. My job – I know so many people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and I feel thankful that I still have a job and am still working.

What are some things you are thankful/blessed for?


Blogmas Day 6: someone I miss…

There are two people who I miss so so much, my sweet angel of a grandma and my amazing uncle.

My grandma who is my dads mom went back to Armenia a few years ago and I haven’t seen her since. If I’m being honest she is my favorite favorite grandma! She was the one who knocked some sense into my dad when he wasn’t fully accepting of me dating a non Armenian. I am like her in so many ways and I spent days crying when she left to go back to Armenia because I knew that was the last day I was ever going to see her ever again in person!

The next person I really miss is my uncle who is my moms youngest and only brother, who sadly passed away last year. Till this day I still break down and cry when I think about it. He was only 49 when he passed away, and I wish we had more time with him. He was so funny and silly, and we all miss him so much!