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Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

Last week I decided to start to re-establish my habits in the next 5.5 weeks, well it's been a week and I kinda wish I had just started today instead but that is ok. The reason why is because last week I was still not feeling good, I was very tired and still coughing a… Continue reading Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

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Re-Establishing Habits in 5.5 weeks!

In March, I had decided that I was going to start a 30 day challenge for the month of April, but then never ended up going through with it, mainly because well I got lazy. So I decided to just continue on with my habits and to do a challenge for May. Well life had… Continue reading Re-Establishing Habits in 5.5 weeks!

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Week 5 of 60 day challenge!

Last week I completed the 5th week of the 60 day challenge. It was days 29 to 35 for me. Last week, my babies that I nanny for were sick, so Wednesday night I felt like I was coming down with something as well, so I let myself sleep in Thursday, Friday and Saturday fully.… Continue reading Week 5 of 60 day challenge!

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Building Good Habits week 2 update!

This past week was crazy busy. I believe I have mentioned on here that I am a nanny. This past week, the kids were out of school so I had them full time. Being a nanny is exhausted if I am being honest. Sometimes, it's emotionally exhausting, sometimes it's physically exhausted, sometimes it's mentally exhausting… Continue reading Building Good Habits week 2 update!

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Turning bad habits into good habits – Week 1!

I use to be so good about setting good healthy habits for myself and sticking to them. However, in the past few years, my habits have gone down the drain pretty much. I have created, without intention, unhealthy bad habits. For 2023 I want to change those horrible habits and turn them into good habits.… Continue reading Turning bad habits into good habits – Week 1!