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Our Podcast

Hey guys – I wanted to take a second to share with you that my husband and I actually have our own podcast and we would love for you guys to check it out, subscribe, rate and leave us a review…it will help us out a ton! Thank you so much for your support!

Life with Coffee is the name of our podcast and you can find us anywhere that you listen to podcasts; just type in life with coffee and our picture should pop up 🙂 Thank you!

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Blogmas Day 15: How we met…


Long story short, we met through a friend; his best friend at that time was dating an old high school friend of mine who I no longer was speaking with. But randomly January of 2011 I decided to forgive her and be friends with her and sure enough I met Raul less than a month later thanks to them. I no longer am friends with them but I am forever grateful that they introduced us!  But if you really want to know the drama of it all, we actually recorded a podcast episode on our love story and everything about it in our podcast and you can listen to it here.