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Meaning behind my blog name…

I had a hard time coming up with a blog name, no matter what I came up with just didn’t sound catchy or good enough. I finally came up with one but then completely changed it to what it is now…Thoughts with Suz. And it’s exactly what it is, it’s my thoughts…obviously my blog is about my life blog along with lifestyle so it just made sense to name it that and I really like it! I blog about my struggles with my weight, about infertility, I share recipes, talk about life, my obsession with coffee, tea, and Disneyland and now my puppy! I hope you can follow me along this journey! 



Meet my puppy!

Meet my precious baby girl Daisy Lou! She is a toy Maltipoo and only weighs 2 pounds as of a week ago. I got her Sunday May 3rd when she was 8 weeks old! I had a boy Maltipoo who sadly passed away last year after he got really sick and he was 9 years old. I always wanted a girl dog to name her Daisy and I’m so glad I finally found her! I’m so in love with Daisy and I cannot wait to see her grow. 🥰