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Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

Last week I decided to start to re-establish my habits in the next 5.5 weeks, well it's been a week and I kinda wish I had just started today instead but that is ok. The reason why is because last week I was still not feeling good, I was very tired and still coughing a… Continue reading Week 1 of re-establishing habits!

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60 day challenge completed!

Thursday March 2nd was day 60 of my 60 day challenge. I am proud of myself for somewhat creating this challenge and sticking to it. There were days of course that I didn't complete each task, but that is ok. I think for the month of March I am just going to focus on my… Continue reading 60 day challenge completed!

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Challenge Update & Finally getting a period!

Just like that I only have 15 days left of this challenge. This past week in a half has been the hardest, mainly because I got a really heavy cold. I didn't do a lot of my habits last week due to being sick, and this week, well I FINALLY got my period after not… Continue reading Challenge Update & Finally getting a period!

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Week 5 of 60 day challenge!

Last week I completed the 5th week of the 60 day challenge. It was days 29 to 35 for me. Last week, my babies that I nanny for were sick, so Wednesday night I felt like I was coming down with something as well, so I let myself sleep in Thursday, Friday and Saturday fully.… Continue reading Week 5 of 60 day challenge!

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Morning in my life: 60 day challenge edition!

Yesterday was Wednesday January 25th, and it was my 24th day of doing this 60 day challenge. I decided it would be fun to share a morning in my life, more so regarding the 60 day challenge. My Wednesday morning went a little like this this week: 5:40am - wake up, skin care, get ready.… Continue reading Morning in my life: 60 day challenge edition!

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21 days into my 60 day challenge!

Yesterday was my 21st day of my 60 day challenge and end up of week 3 officially. I was so excited to do this challenge at the beginning, and I am still excited don't get me wrong. However, some days especially this last week, I kept dreading having to do some of my tasks. I… Continue reading 21 days into my 60 day challenge!