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February Goals!

Can you believe its February 1st already? I feel like we just celebrated Christmas last week! Crazy how fast time is going by now. I wanted to share a few of my goals for the month of February; a lot of it I'm already doing with my 60 day challenge, however, I am changing a… Continue reading February Goals!

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Morning in my life: 60 day challenge edition!

Yesterday was Wednesday January 25th, and it was my 24th day of doing this 60 day challenge. I decided it would be fun to share a morning in my life, more so regarding the 60 day challenge. My Wednesday morning went a little like this this week: 5:40am - wake up, skin care, get ready.… Continue reading Morning in my life: 60 day challenge edition!

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21 days into my 60 day challenge!

Yesterday was my 21st day of my 60 day challenge and end up of week 3 officially. I was so excited to do this challenge at the beginning, and I am still excited don't get me wrong. However, some days especially this last week, I kept dreading having to do some of my tasks. I… Continue reading 21 days into my 60 day challenge!

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Habits to develop in 2023!

Everyday, we get a new chance to turn our bad habits into good habits! Looking back 2022 was a year of bad habits for me- mainly caused by my depression, my laziness and my amazing ability to procrastinate big time. In 2023 I want to be able to change all my horrible habits into great… Continue reading Habits to develop in 2023!

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Journey to a Better Me!

When we welcomed 2019, I got this weird feeling well not weird but great feeling that this was going to be my year. This year is going to be the year that I finally put myself first and work on becoming a better and healthier version of myself. Two weeks ago exactly I started intermittent… Continue reading Journey to a Better Me!