Well holidays this year will be looking very different thanks to the pandemic. I live in Los Angeles and we are in a stay at home order pretty much for the next 3 weeks so for sure holidays will be at our own homes with who ever lives with us most likely. However, people don’t really listen and I am sure will travel and do get togethers regardless. I will be home with my husband and thankfully my family because we all live together. But here are a few tips to stay healthy during the holidays but mainly during this pandemic because well that is our main thing right now…to be healthy!

  1. Wash your hands often…if 2020 has taught us anything…it is to constantly wash our hands. You need to be washing for at least 20 seconds; I don’t know about you but I never use to wash it for that long before all this covid stuff, unless I was touching raw meat or something or had poop all over my hands (nanny life).
  2. Stay warm. I get sick if I go outside and I am not wearing the appropriate clothing, I can be outside in one long sleeve shirt when it is 50 degrees out and think ok its fine I’ll be fine but nope, I end up insanely sick! Layer up!
  3. Manage stress. If I am under a lot of stress I tend to get so sick to the point where I get ear and throat infections sometimes even bronchitis or my favorite all of it at once which I did get February of 2019…boy that was awful!
  4. Wellness shots! I tend to grab myself a wellness shot from Pressed Juicery anytime I catch myself starting to feel sick; I will even take them once or twice a week during flu season. A wellness shot is pretty much just ginger, lemon and cayenne juice that you take like a shot! I hate the taste of it but it HELPS! In fact I took a wellness shot yesterday! But do yourself a favor and don’t take these types of shots on an empty stomach…or any shot for that matter!
  5. Water water water…stay hydrated my friends!!!
  6. Up your vitamin C intake…I take a lot of vitamin C during the flu season.
  7. Rest up – give your body a break at least once a week…sleep in, have a lazy laying in bed type of day…its good for you not only physically but mentally and emotionally too!
  8. Exercise … get your body moving, whether its going for a walk out or even doing yoga!
  9. Sanitize your hands whenever you are out and about!
  10. For this pandemic clearly – wear a mask every where you go!

Hope you are staying healthy during this pandemic.


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